The Wedge Clip: A Game Changer for Your Home Lighting

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Are you tired of struggling to install and remove holiday lights from your house? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing the Wedge Clip, the latest innovation in home lighting. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of this revolutionary product that will make your house shine like a pro.

The Circle Clips: Versatile and Easy to Use

One of the standout features of the Wedge Clip is the Circle Clips. These clips are designed to spin around the bulb, allowing you to easily attach them to various surfaces. Whether you want to put them in the gutter or under the shingle, the Circle Clips can be adjusted to fit your needs. This versatility ensures that you can achieve the perfect lighting setup for your home.

Improved Design: Say Goodbye to Hassle

Prior to the release of the Wedge Clip, removing the clips from the lights was a cumbersome task. Often, the clips would get stuck to the light, making it difficult to take them off. However, with the new and improved design of the Wedge Clip, this problem is a thing of the past. Simply slide the clip off the bulb, and it effortlessly goes right over the top. No more struggling or frustration!

The Flex: A Game-Changing Addition

The Wedge Clip comes with a new feature called the Flex. This innovative addition enhances the functionality of the clip, making it even easier to use. The Flex allows you to slide the clip under the shingle with ease, ensuring a secure and seamless installation. With the Flex, you can achieve a professional-looking lighting display without any hassle.

Razor Sharp Edge: The Perfect Fit

In addition to the Flex, the Wedge Clip also boasts a razor-sharp edge. This sharpness enables you to slide the clip effortlessly under the shingle, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Say goodbye to clips that easily come loose or fall off. With the Wedge Clip's razor-sharp edge, your lights will stay in place, no matter the weather conditions.


Q: How do I install the Wedge Clip?

A: Installing the Wedge Clip is incredibly easy. Simply adjust the Circle Clip to the desired angle and attach it to the surface of your choice. For added security, slide the clip under the shingle using the Flex feature. It's that simple!

Q: Will the Wedge Clip damage my lights or shingles?

A: Not at all. The Wedge Clip is designed with utmost care to ensure that it does not cause any damage to your lights or shingles. The razor-sharp edge allows for a seamless installation without leaving any marks or causing any harm.

Q: Can I reuse the Wedge Clip?

A: Yes, you can! The Wedge Clip is durable and can be reused for multiple seasons. Simply remove the clip from the lights and store it in a safe place until you're ready to use it again. Its long-lasting design ensures that you can enjoy hassle-free installations year after year.

In Conclusion

The Wedge Clip is a game changer when it comes to home lighting. With its versatile Circle Clips, easy installation and removal, and innovative features like the Flex and razor-sharp edge, this product is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve a professional and hassle-free lighting setup. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional clips and hello to the convenience and efficiency of the Wedge Clip. Make your house shine like never before with this revolutiory product.


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